Loving God, Loving Family, Loving People, Loving Community


Come worship the Risen Savior with us at Allen Chapel AME here in Silver Spring, MD. Hear the Word that permeates the hearts of the people as we embrace the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen our armor for Kingdom living.


Here at Allen Chapel AME we are committed to saving souls for the Lord's Kingdom. This is a place to rest in God's embrace, and find comfort in the strength of the Word and bask in his covenant of peace. We have been blessed; we continue to be blessed, and be a blessing to others. All the Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! To God be the Glory!


Allen Chapel AME encompasses the light of the World, a city of candlesticks that shine before men. The harmony of the leadership directs the good works of the congregation with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Throughout Montgomery County, Allen Chapel is working to glorify our Father in heaven. 


The Purpose of Coming to God's House

  • For the saving of our souls
  • To work out our soul salvation
  • To help lead others to Christ
  • To use our gifts, talents, and finances for the advancement of God's Kingdom

Six (6) Objectives of Preaching

  • To save the people
  • To help them grow in devotion to God
  • To help them develop a more mature understanding of God's truth
  • ​​​​​​​To help them to live in a better relationship with God and others
  • To serve God in a more dedicated way
  • To aid them in finding strength and comfort in time of trouble 


Reach the lost and broken

The mission of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church is to prepare God's people for kingdom living through sound biblical principles and to recruit disciples for Christ. We stand as Christians who are physically accountable and spiritually responsible.

Pray and Worship

A loving ministry for Christ that teaches the Word of God as a guide to daily living; focused on Kingdom Building and Community Service throughout Silver Spring, MD.

Grow as a Church

"Loving God, Loving Family, Loving People, Loving Community"


We have many community outreach programs. Head over to our giving page to sign up to volunteer with us. 



"Awesome church. Everybody is friendly. They are like a family."

Sis. Phyllis D. Carroll

"The spirit of the Lord greets you when you enter with love."

Sis. Hattie Abner

"The best church on this side of Heaven."

Sis. Loretha Dennis

"It's the light at the end of the tunnel where God is waiting for you."

Bro. Tony Dennis

Daily Bible Verse

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